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Key Lime Pie!

I had bookgroup today and on the way to the library, I passed by Mark's old furniture store. According to the banners, it's now a Halloween Costume Superstore. I don't know if that means it's a temporary client or will be a Costume Superstore permanently. The owner told Mark that if he didn't want to pay double his current rent, the owner'd be able to get a new tenant immediately. I wonder if a costume shop would make enough to pay the new rent. Or maybe they aren't.

A subset of us went to Red Rock Canyon restaurant and my eyes lit on the key lime pie immediately. Since I was going to have that, I didn't look at the entrees, just the appetizers. I had the Millennium Shrimp -- six large shrimp in a creamy lime and mustard seed sauce. The sauce was so good that I scooped the rest into the lettuce the shrimp had been on and ate that. Now I'm really full.
Tags: food

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