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More than a week ago, the news said a nice teenager was missing. He played sousaphone in his college's marching band and he'd called his girlfriend to say he was coming to pick her up, and he never arrived. That night I dreamed that I was standing by the side of a highway, just at the end of a bridge that goes over a creek and I saw, down the slope, his silver-blue car upside-down. I was telling 911 that I couldn't go down there myself to check on him or they'd be rescuing me, too.

So last night I needed a nap (it's hard to sleep when you hurt so much) and I set the VCR for the news and watched it at about midnight. Leading story? They found the boy -- his car was upside-down in the creek and he'd gone off the road at the end of the bridge (his bridge had cement sidewalls, mine had standard metal rails). After more than a week he'd managed to extricate himself and crawl up the slope and yesterday evening, a woman in the passenger side of a car saw him lying by the side of the road. The parents are being quiet about exactly how he got down there and when he was able to get free, but here's the story from the WashPost. Weird.

And then I had an interesting SF idea dream last night. I dreamed that I was the spaceship, I had a load of explorers, and we were heading for an Earth-like planet in another star system. We ran into a warning shield that told us we were trespassing and as I talked with it, I got live talk from the aliens to whom that system belonged. I tried to get the aliens to talk to my humans, but they insisted I was the superior species.
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