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Another Brain Seizure

I've still got DSL so I won't mention it again unless it stops working again.

Spirit started trying to wake me up at 7:38am and I told her I needed at least four more hours of sleep and she ignored me and kept waking me up. I moved out to the recliner because she will sleep on me there and let me sleep and when the alarm beeped, I turned it off and slept another hour. This is slightly ironic since I cut out a Rhymes With Orange comic (not online yet) where the woman is sitting up in bed showing a cat an alarm clock and saying "Again, when the big hand is on the twelve and the little hand is on the seven... then you can walk on my face."

I checked online and my CK is right in the middle of normal, so no problem there. I went to PetSmart to get cat stuff, got gas, and decided to eat at a buffet I had a coupon for. I don't normally eat at buffets (carrying plate logistics, plus usually not very good food), but the regular price was good and my brother eats an enormous amount of food so I decided to try it. I brought my plate back to the table and after a couple bites of broccoli, I started to lose contact with the world. I was able to hold it, I was never unconscious, but I couldn't see things for a few minutes. Then the restaurant looked weird and that was better in a couple more minutes. I finished my plate (most of what they had was fried or waterlogged, so we're not going there) and came home.

I used Kaiser's website to email my neurologist about it and just got an answer from the nurse saying that since the doctor won't see it until Monday, I should call Advice and be evaluated at urgent care. I'm not going to do that -- the doctor has told me before I don't need to do that. As long as they're like this, I just need to tell her.
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