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I got up today and had the computer up by 1pm, waiting for the tech's call, and when I ran the modem diagnostics, I had an IP address! So I tried to connect to Girl Genius and no go; tried to get email and no go. I played solitaire for half an hour and then realized that he might have meant 1pm in another time zone, so I went and got birdseed and stopped and had a steak and cheese on the way home.

I picked up the mail and when opening one of my credit card bills, there was a $5 charge for in Alabama I'd never heard of. The thing is, for $5, or anything online, I'd use my debit card. This is my regular credit card. I called the company and told them about it and they looked back and saw that other than Minicon, I only have revolving accounts on that card -- T-Mobile, Netflix, etc. -- and they took the $5 off. And the guy just offered me a 3.5% decrease in interest rates, so of course, I took it.

I came to the desk and refreshed the page to go to Girl Genius, but nothing. So I tried Cute Overload, at which point, Verizon insisted on reinstalling the software again, taking over any browser instance I put up. I know a bypass from all the diagnostics, but I figured it couldn't hurt to do it. So I reinstalled the software and here I am, on DSL. The tech called a bit after 4pm -- he's out on the west coast -- and I explained what happened and he was glad it came up. He said to call if anything happened again. Let's hope I don't have to.

I started looking for this place and there is no domain by that name. I googled and found two accounts of people who'd had $10 placed on their credit cards fraudulently with that company name, so watch out.
Tags: credit card fraud, dsl

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