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Rocket Man

I'm sure half a dozen people in my flist have the Hugo winners, so I'm cribbing a picture of the award:

I don't think we've ever had a giant man (robot?) on one before, and I think that's Mt. Fuji in the background.

No Verizon tech showed up yesterday so I called and once again, my ticket was closed. I finessed my way to another tech who at least didn't make me do anything. The ticket once again said they'd called me and I wasn't home. The cellphone was either in my pocket or on the end table next to the recliner the entire time. They're either still too stupid to call the right number, or they're lying. So now I have my fifth ticket and someone will call me in 24-48 hours. We're at 22 right now.
Tags: dsl, hugos

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