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Sunday, Quiet, As Usual

If there's one day I really don't want to go out on, it's Sunday. Besides the fact that the paper is much larger (and I'm down to four days of paper now, although one is Sunday), it gives me a regular day of not-putting-shoes-on.

No call or IP address from Verizon.

In my catching up with the WashPost, I found a couple of interesting things:

In the process of a free speech suit, the ACLU managed to get the "Presidential Advance Manual" in which not only are volunteers at each speaking site supposed to keep protestors out of the sight of the president and the press, but they're supposed to have "rally squads" to out-shout protestors or maneuver them out of the way. The specificity is amazing.

The WashPost has a columnist named Dana Milbank who writes "Washington Sketch" most days. It's a political column and he adds some humor to it. This piece is a mash-up of Congress & the White House and Batman. Exceedingly funny. (A lot of people who write the Post think this column should be op-ed, but the humor is bipartisan.)
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