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I was dreaming about uprooting a city's dictator when Luke knocked to get my key for the mail. I put on my glasses and got my robe on as I headed toward the door. I opened the door and my glasses steamed up. Our dew point is 77, with the temp at 89, so it's just at the tipping point to solid water out there. We have a heat advisory for tomorrow. When Luke got back, I pointed out that he had a real letter in his hand (he reads with a magnifying glass). He said "Sho nuff?" and then told me it must be a birthday card. I told him happy birthday and he said it'd been yesterday -- he's 86 now. He said his daughter had a party for him last night with about 10 of her friends and then he corrected himself and said "my friends," but I knew what he meant. They're people his age from her church. He knows them, but they're not really friends.

I finished Sunday's paper last night, so I have five days-worth of the WashPost on my table. I think I'll catch up in a few days, though. I kept sleeping a lot and then I remembered that I'd tried putting the air conditioning to 72 and sure enough, now that it's back to 70, I haven't wanted a nap.
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