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No Call Yet

I would have said afternoon was over about 6pm, but no call from Verizon yet. I called them and the recording said someone would be calling me soon.

I managed the transfer of litter between boxes last night (gave me a chance to sweep out from under the old box thoroughly) and gathered trash, including the old box. I was thinking I could take it out after I heard from Verizon, but apparently not.

I'm heading out to Sperryville tomorrow afternoon. I have a piece of art I love over my bed -- 3D hand-made paper called "Sky Robe" and I wondered a few weeks back what the artist was doing and the only way I found to contact her was her sister's website. Well, she's working on damaged straw art. That will be interesting to see. But she still makes flat paper and I expect to buy a bit of that. She wants to see "Sky Robe" again and I'll take that with me. We're meeting at her sister's house/studio which has actual concrete to the door so I can get there. I'm not sure what will happen with Verizon if they don't call before I leave. I don't think it's reasonable that I stay home for days waiting for them to get around to fixing things.

The news says the Atlanta NAACP thinks Vick "shouldn't have to take a plea deal" and that "everybody makes mistakes." What happened to the NAACP's ideals? Dogfights are okay? Well, some dogs have their own idea about this. (Taken from Cute Overload.)
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