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I finished LJ last night at 9:30pm and took a nap, waking up at 2am and decided just to go to bed. Of course, once I was there, 2:30am, I was awake until 4am, so I got up to read Thursday's paper. Did I mention I'm really behind this week? By the time I finished that at 6am, I was ready to sleep and turned the alarm off (I'd set it to 8am when I thought I'd sleep at 2:30am). I got up at 2:30pm and the right eyelid edge has the dead skin feel.

After going through today's paper and putting it in the order I wanted (the WashPost is going to combine two sections next week and I don't think it's for anything other than money), I put more water in the fountain and filled the feeder. I don't know what happened while I was gone yesterday afternoon and early evening, but the feeder had been about 3/4 full when I left and almost empty when I got back. It was completely empty when I filled it. The mourning doves and house finches have been having spats about who gets to eat.

I watched the Great Masters of Science Fiction I'd taped while I napped -- RAH's Jerry Was a Man and it was as good as the first one. We didn't see the second one because the channel showed football instead. We're not going to see the fourth and last because the channel has scheduled a movie. They don't seem to plan to replay them and they're not on ABC's replay site. You get good SF with good sets and such on broadcast TV, and the local channel sabotages it.
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