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Back Online!

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday -- he gave me a referral to ophthalmology and I have an appt for Friday with an optometrist (the ophthalmologist is on vacation) -- and I've lost another four pounds. It's got to be replacing Gatorade with the non-sugar rehydration fluid. That's 19 pounds since December.

Then I went and got groceries. When I got home and tried to get online, I couldn't. I ran some checks and it was pretty clearly on Verizon's end, so I called them. After having me repeat the steps, she had me access other info via IE. After an hour, she gave me a trouble ticket. I looked for someone to call to post to tell you guys I was okay, but Mary Kay wasn't home (she was at an outlet factory). On the good side, I made excellent headway into cataloging the to-be-read books.

Today the housecleaner, Lucilla, is here, and she brought her son Jesus and the Disney Channel has mostly kept him interested. He's fascinated by the cats, but none of them will come close to him, and it's just as well. He doesn't look before he backs up his wheelchair.

About 30 minutes ago, I got a call from a Verizon tech, who tried a couple of things and then got a senior tech on the line with us, and he did something at their end that worked. I hope this doesn't happen every two weeks.
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