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Asimov's September 2007

This was an uneven issue. There was only one story I really liked, two that were good but had problems, a lot that were okay, and one that was bad. Oh, and Jo's Cendrillon, which was quite good.

I liked The Good Ship Lollypop by R. Garcia y Robertson. It's the story of a teenager in a far future colony ship that has become a habitat. She gets taken to JuVee a couple of times and ends up learning a lot and having a lot of adventures. The only thing that struck me as odd was that the kids were using txting like today: "R U OK?" but didn't use any contractions when they spoke.

The two that were good but I would have liked better with changes are:

1. The Caldera of Good Fortune by Robert Reed. This story is about another world settled by many intelligent species and there is one hamlet with humans that has steady-state -- one leaves, one can come in. They accompany tourists to the caldera to see amazing things. This is mostly fast-moving thriller, but I kept getting stuck because the description of the landscape never told me about the relationship of the high valley, the hamlet, and the caldera. I think if that had been cleared up in the first couple of paragraphs, I would have marked it best.

2. How Music Begins by James Van Pelt. A busload of band kids and their directors, plus everything in the bus except the driver, ends up in an installation that they theorize is alien. This is really a great story -- being a bandkid, I loved reading about the musical part and I remember being Elise -- but I would have liked having more of the kids' non-musical interaction (which would probably bring it up to a novella).

The bad one was Draw by Pati Nagle. The story was amazingly predictable and the writing rather clunky. I was surprised to find it in Asimov's.
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