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Marilee J. Layman

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07:22 pm: Other Annoying Eye
So yesterday evening, my right eye was sore and red on the overlapping edge, but not swollen, and this morning it had the dead skin feel. I have an appointment with my primary on Monday. I didn't need a nap, but I was so tired when I went to bed that I decided not to set the alarm and only got up at 3pm because Spirit landed on my bladder.

It had apparently stormed while I was sleeping (I do remember thunder) and the temp was down to 85F so I went ahead and drove down to get packages out of the parcel locker. Luke can't turn the key the final bit to open it. It's not an open lock, so I sprayed the key with graphite and turned it, but it locks once it's turned so I can't wiggle it around. If that doesn't fix it for Luke, I'll talk to the post office about fixing it. He really looks forward to going and getting the mail because it's the only thing he can do outside alone (he took so long today I went out on the porch to make sure he was okay).

Spirit was rolling around on the loveseat a few minutes ago and accidentally kicked one of the giant pillows off. She was very startled and stared at it on the floor as if it would move again. Then she rolled around more on the now-free space. I haven't seen the tuxedo kitty since I fed him; maybe he was a sage in disguise.

In response to complaints, the WashPost has started putting all recalls at the bottom left of the front page of the Business section. This one was there yesterday:

DETAILS: Baxter International recalled 986 Colleague and Flo-Gard brand drug-infusion pumps, bringing the total to more than 1,500.


Safety data was falsified.


Send them back to the company for inspection.

It actually turns out these were recalled before and were sent back to customers without being inspected or fixed. I'm glad I haven't needed an IV in a while!

Also in yesterday's WashPost, an AP article on an airman charged with committing indecent acts and drinking as a minor, apparently because she refused to testify against the three airmen who raped her. She was exanmined, there's no doubt about the rape, but she felt nobody was on her side on the trial and wouldn't testify. So now the three rapists have been given immunity in her trial on indecent acts and drinking. The military is very good at punishing people who don't do what the military wants.


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Date:August 10th, 2007 04:50 am (UTC)
Dead skin feeling? That sounds scary. What does it mean?

The airman thing: they are seriously giving three rapists immunity in testifying against the woman they raped?
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Date:August 10th, 2007 04:58 am (UTC)
It's like sunburn -- the skin on top is dead and has kind of a dry papery feeling and it will come off in flakes by itself over the next few days, although I do remember people trying to peel off their dead sunburn skin in big patches.

Well, technically, from their viewpoint, the guys aren't rapists because they didn't hold the trial because she wouldn't testify. But yes, in the real world, the rapists have immunity in testifying against her.

(Shiva and Giorgio have been sleeping in the recliner with Shiva in the middle of the chair and Giorgio on one side. Spirit just went to sleep with them and the sensible place would be the other side of Shiva. But noooo, she squeezes between them. She likes the warm middle spot.)
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