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Annoying Eye

Okay, first, a picture of the new couch (the house is actually level, I just did too much today to take more pictures) with Miss Girl curled up on the pillowback:

Both Monday and yesterday I ended up napping -- five hours on Monday, three and a half yesterday -- and I expect that will happen today. It's not just catching up on the errands from last week, it's the stupid heat. Fortunately, I can now stay in Thursday and Friday and it's supposed to be better on Saturday.

Last night, after I napped and read Usenet & Making Light, I adjusted my glasses and realized that part of my left eyelid was sore. Looking in a mirror, I found that the front edge of the overlapping part was red, swollen, and sore. I didn't know anything to do for it, other than not touching it, so I didn't touch it. I woke up this morning with the entire eyelid swollen, nothing sore, but that edge has the dead skin feel to it. (At first, I thought I'd had another stroke because I couldn't see very well out of that eye, but I figured it out quickly and the swelling went down after I sat up.) This is the second time it's had the dead skin feel which makes me think this happened before and I just didn't notice because I didn't touch my eyelid. So I guess I really do need to see the doctor.

I took the trash out (two weeks worth), took mixed paper to the transfer station, (Endeavour is off!) got money at the ATM, mailed a package at the post office, and went to Kaiser to pick up phenobarb and do a phenobarb level (the pharmacist said it would be 30 minutes and I figured the stick would take part of that, but it turned out the neuro nurse hadn't put the order in, so I had to call and have her put it in and by the time I'd actually been stuck, my meds were ready).

I went to PetSmart and they didn't have any of the Arm & Hammer Easy Flush, in fact, there was no price label for it on the shelf, and the A&H website doesn't show it directly (I found a back way to the page with it, but it's not listed under Our Products), so I think they may have stopped making it. I had been planning to mix the Easy Flush with the Swheat Scoop (the Swheat Scoop alone sticks to the bottom of the pan, no matter how many inches I put in and that's really hard for me to get out without falling) because when I was transitioning, the half&half mix lasted much longer than either alone, and was easy for me to deal with. PetSmart had Swheat Scoop, but only in a 24-pound bag. Yeah, right. So I bought a recycled paper product that was in granules rather than little logs and is flushable and I'll try that after the interim kitty litter. I also bought more cardboard inserts for the scratchy-thingy and more snackies.

Then I went to Chili's and had the Southwest Cobb Salad and asked the waitress to fill my water bottle with water before I left. It was the third time I'd filled it today. Fortunately, I didn't need to bring the cat stuff in today so I just came in and cooled off before I did anything else.
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