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Cheating The Code

The new loveseat came yesterday -- great color, shape, and size, although it came with giant pillows that leave room for one person. Spirit and Shiva were disappointed to find out they can't hide behind or under it. The "dark finished" feet are the exact color of my end tables (which my folks bought in 1970) and my two-seat theatre bench, which I bought probably in 1985. All of them spent some time on it last night and Spirit is currently chasing her tail on it.

I got the van back with a new squeak and when I asked about it, was told that there was coolant on the belt and it would wear off in a month or so, for me. Otherwise, everything is fine. I got the kitty litter and they lined up to use it. It's not the flushable kind, but I can deal with that for a week. I'll go to PetSmart tomorrow to get the right kind of litters and other things.

I knew it was almost certainly Code Orange today but I decided to go out anyway. I'd already rescheduled the mammogram twice for other reasons and it's going to be hot the rest of the month. I figured if I did okay there, which I did, I'd get birdseed (I don't have to carry it -- I back up to the sidewalk in front of the store and leave the back door ajar and they put it in), which I did. Then I stopped for souvlaki and then to the post office to send back a pair of pants I'd ordered. When you name a color Purple Rain, you expect purple. These were navy. I held them up to every purple thing in my closet (which took a while) and they were definitely navy. I sent a typed note telling them to call them navy!

Yesterday's WashPost reprinted an AP article on Slan Hunter, Kevin J. Anderson, and A.E. van Vogt.

I was reading Comicmix, and noted that Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is selling five scents related to Neil Gaiman. Three related to Stardust (which made me realize the movie is from the book, duh), and two to Good Omens.
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