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This was really two good movies hacked together. One movie is very sweet -- a gay Indian man coming out to his mother and family after going to great lengths to hide it. The other movie has Kyle MacLachlan doing a rather good job of playing Cary Grant's ghost, along with wearing, in each scene, the clothes from one of Cary Grant's movies.

The "making of" explains that the Indian (as in subcontinent) movie scene doesn't have any movies comparable to Cary Grant movies, so the director made Cary Grant into the gay man's "invisible friend." I think it would have worked better apart.

Every time "Cary" was on stage, I spent some time deducing which movie he was representing at that moment and then I lost the action of the actual movie. I think the "Cary" idea would have made a good movie by itself, a la Walter Mitty, as "Cary" strolls through contemporary society, untouched, changing other people's lives.
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