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Home Alone (with cats)

Not such a big deal. I'll email the neurologist and tell her I won't be able to do the phenobarb level until next week. I don't think it will be a problem. It's just when I'm forced to stay home that I feel so chained.

I never napped yesterday and I got through the rest of Sunday's paper, all of Monday's paper, and about half of yesterday's paper before I went to bed. Maybe I'll finish that and today's tonight.

The shop gave me more information on the engine -- it was the 21-year-old bracket that broke and that sheared the bolts. I feel a bit better about that, than having new parts break. They already have the new bracket, but it will take hours and hours of time to fix it, and they already have scheduled work (they hadn't scheduled mine to last this long), so it looks like Monday will be the earliest I'll get it back.
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