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From Dark to Dark

I woke up to thunder this morning and since you shouldn't shower during storms and I was still sleepy, I got up and put a robe on. I fed the cats and brought the paper in, which was still dry, and then went back to bed. I slept most of the time, and every time I woke up, there was still thunder. I finally got up at 5pm and just washed up at the sink quickly. I'll be up late tonight.

Shiva has figured out how to use Giorgio's lack of laminate mastery to his benefit. He hides behind something, waits for Giorgio to come by, then jumps out at him. Giorgio can't run on the laminate yet, so he starts sprawling madly, and Shiva butts him in the side and sends him sliding. Then Shiva sits there looking like he won.
Tags: cats

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