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Asimov's August 2007

I didn't read the primary story because even though I like Bruce Sterling's work, I don't read Rudy Rucker and they co-wrote.

There were a number of okay stories in this issue, but the only one I really liked was Kathleen Ann Goonan's The Bridge. An odd woman comes to a private detective in Arlington who is still using non-nano technology. She wants him to do something and eventually he has to enter DC, which is a foggy zone of nanos. He's affected by the nanos and it changes him and how he solves her question. Very well-written.

There is a second novelette that I didn't enjoy as such, being mostly about Victorian seagoing, but the other thread was interesting. This is The Mists of Time by Tom Purdom. The descendant of the Victorian sea captain gives a grant to a time-travel company to make a recording of his ancestor's famous battle and capture of a slaver. He doesn't like the videoist they hired since she talks from the beginning of how the sailors are paid bounty for slaves, and pays more to go with her in the time bubble and make his personal recording.

The reason this was interesting to me was that when the bookgroup read Brave New World, I pointed out that it was very sexist and one of the guys said "That's just the time." Well, sure, but so was classism and he was satirizing that and not sexism, so he thought it was okay. The guy said again that it was just the time. Well, The Mists of Time has the second thread where the descendant saw it all from the time bubble as his ancestor's glory and the videoist saw it as mercenary and predatory, since the British sailors kept copping feels from the female slaves (the time bubble has to leave before we see the journey to port and any more depradations). It reminded me of the bookgroup discussion.
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