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Time W W W Wrap

I was online last night until 3:30am. Argh. I decided not to read the newspaper or the bookgroup book and go straight to bed, but when I did that, my mind was still thinking, so I stayed up until 5am and finished the book and reset the alarm for 1pm.

Today I took trash and recyclables out and took the bookgroup book back to the library. On the way to the library, I stopped at my friend Mark's almost-empty furniture store. They close on the 31st. When I walked in, I saw an army of little aliens with truncated cone heads. The rest of the store was almost completely empty. The only time I've seen it like that before was when they first moved to this spot and were painting and such. I told Mark about the loveseat and was going to ask about where to get new lampshades, but one of his staff mentioned a place first and had an extra card to give me. I got his wife's new edress so I could connect her to Kip. I have eight cassette tapes that I'd still like to listen to, but can't buy CDs for. Kip will transfer them to MP3 and mail them to Jenna who will move them to CDs and probably Mark will drop them by. While I was there, two people dropped by to shop, but they were out of what the customers wanted.

On the way back from the library, the car started making squeak-a-ta squeak-a-ta squeak-a-ta noises so I stopped at the shop and told the scheduler that he might want to listen to the van before he scheduled it. He came out and looked at it running and said he thinks it's just a pulley that needs replacing, so we scheduled for Tuesday, but he warned me not to take long trips first.

I plan to be offline much earlier tonight.
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