Marilee J. Layman (mjlayman) wrote,
Marilee J. Layman

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The Good Thing About LJ Being Down Is...

... that nobody is posting while I can't read.

I had a rough day yesterday -- I woke up rubbing my eyes and even though I stopped it as soon as I realized I was, I had swollen eyes. And then when I went out to take cardboard to Public Works and mixed paper to the transfer station and deposit the IRS check, I realized that I was not quite as alert as I would like to be while driving so drove carefully and came straight home. I booted up the computer and did the things I do before LJ and then found LJ dead. So I turned the computer off and napped for five hours. When I came back, LJ was still dead and continued to be until I signed off late at night.

And I'm running late today because when I turned over to turn off the alarm, my right leg cramped enough I had to take flexeril which made me sleep more then, and I'm going to take a nap when I finish this post.

Today, I went looking for a new loveseat. I paid the movers a bit to dispose of my old one and asked Mark for advice on what to get. Since it's only going to have humans sit on it a few times a year, he suggested a manufacturer called Ashley and told me which store sells it. I looked up Ashley's website and found what I wanted and then looked at the store's website to make sure they carried it. When I got to the store, everything was black or browns. I asked to look at the catalogs and found this, and the saleswoman ordered it for me. (I did all the work, I should get some of the commission!) It'll be two to four weeks and I paid extra for delivery (Mark delivered for free).

I went across a main street to Uno's for lunch and had a small Cobb salad and a Skinless Bake (redskin mashed potatos with cheddar and bacon on top, grilled). The salad would have been enough.

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