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Mostly Good News

I went out to the grocery store and only bought blueberries on sale -- I'll freeze them so I have blueberries with my oatmeal in winter. I know you can buy "fresh" blueberries then and the frozen ones, but they really don't taste as good as blueberries frozen in season.

I got the mail on the way home and there was a $2500+ check from the IRS, and I think this ends the problems with them caused by the private disability company lieing to them.

A lot more of my lab results are back and most are fine. My C-Reactive Protein is sky-high, but that could be the heat rash. I emailed the rheumatologist who orders that to watch for lupus to tell her about the heat rash, we'll see what she says.

I got further in the bookgroup book last night and the first clue turns up on page 175. It's definitely more interesting now, but really, page 175?
Tags: health, news

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