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Marilee J. Layman

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06:21 pm: Settling Down
ETA: I forgot to say that I got my lipid panel results back today and my triglycerides are down 100 points! Only 19 over good! It must be the change from the Gatorade high fructose corn syrup to the Sqwincher Lite Splenda.

I wore slippers to bookgroup today because my feet hurt so much still. They tell me the book picks up after where I stopped, so I checked it out again to give it a try, although I have to wonder if a book that "picks up" after page 153 is really that good. The Harry Potter book was on my ramp when I got home, with a fancy HP package from Amazon.

I've had heat rash under my breasts since Tuesday (all the unpacking) and the cortizone cream has been keeping it from hurting and itching, but I realized this morning that I needed to cancel my mammogram scheduled for Monday -- no creams for mammograms. I did that by pushing buttons on the cellphone and I'll call Monday to reschedule.

My first full-month electricity bill since I got the new heat-pump came today and I saved $.20 a day from last year. That's not a lot, even when calculated up to per year, but it's a sixth of what I was paying.


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Date:July 22nd, 2007 05:55 am (UTC)
Troglycerides are the hard ones to get down, so good for you. I've been on a low-level campaign to eliminate corn syrup on general principles, so now I have even more reason -- I've been having trouble getting the triglycerides all the way down myself.

What book is it?

I was suffering from heat today, maybe, but maybe it was just not eating enough. This is the hard time of losing weight for me, I jusgt realized today: my appetite does start to go down, but I get something kind of like anorexic (but less so, just hard to eat enough) and then I freak out and ruin the diet.
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Date:July 22nd, 2007 07:00 pm (UTC)
I haven't changed anything else in the way I've been eating (although I have eaten out a bit more the last two weeks because of the work on the condo), so I'm pretty sure it's the change in the hydration stuff. I just wrote a note to my primary doctor to explain the change because it was the nephrologist who insisted on less sugar.

The book is Night Train from Rigel by Timothy Zahn (first wrote from Rigor). I told the group I don't mind spoilers so it turns out that just about all the interesting stuff turns up at the end. And, it never goes near Rigel.

I've had a tendency for heat rash since I was six and we moved to Guam. I got my hair cut very short last week because I'd gotten heat rash on my head and you can't really use cortizone cream very well there. I don't handle heat or cold very well anymore and I'm fortunate I can afford to keep the condo temp about 70F year round.
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