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Day 12 - Finished!

Or at least all the stuff I need help with. I took non-packing cardboard to Public Works, mailed a CD, then headed to Kaiser where they took 11 tubes of blood (10 is normal, but my phenobarb level happened to coincide with the standing orders). I got kitty food at PetSmart and lunch (half turkey sandwich & side salad) at Chili's. I had started working on the workroom when James called and said he was coming. After he got here, he told me that his girlfriend's parents insisted on meeting him before they go out (I told him I'd do that, too) and they invited him to a pool party tomorrow night to that end. He finished the books, moved boxes for me, helped me hang more art, and took things out to the storeroom that I'd had inside while I was camping out and brought in the box that had my jewelry boxes packed in it. I unpacked the workroom -- it's amazing how boxes that wouldn't fit in there all at once can be unpacked so the room is in order and has plenty of room. Then we took trash out, including the dead floor mat, and I took him home.

I'll probably unpack the jewelry box tonight -- most of it is just putting the jewelry boxes in place, but all my beaded jewelry is in little plastic flip-top boxes and I keep them on a shelf in color order. I have a hip-high pile of collapsed boxes and a dishpack completely stuffed with packaging material. Since I have bookgroup tomorrow (and I'm not even going to try to finish the book: I'd be reading all night, and it's boring) so I won't be available, I'll put them up on Craigslist tomorrow evening.

I was so tired after I took James home and my feet hurt like crazy (I don't usually wear shoes at home because of the gout, but as long as we were dealing with boxes, I did) so I decided to stop at Twin Lakes and get a small pork fried rice for dinner. I get inside, pour cranberry juice and start for the recliner. Somehow, I drop the glass onto the coaster and it spills. The paper is wet, the table is wet, and the floor is wet. Fortunately, the floor is laminate. So I got a rag bath towel and cleaned up, then sat down and ate my dinner with what was left of the cranberry juice. The glass broke the coaster, but I had one more of this batch, so I got that out. Then, after I'd finished the cranberry juice, I dropped the glass on the floor. Still no damage to the glass, but I'll be using plastic bottles to drink from for the rest of the night.

The cats have been worried about James and if they understood it, will be happy he won't be here again for the near future, at least. Shiva let him pet him while he was safely in the castle, but the other two have been hiding. After I finished my meal, I realized I was late for their dry food, and got them that.

I'm skipping Usenet for at least another day -- I just don't have the time -- but probably back Monday at the latest.
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