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Day 11 - More Unpacking

I was much better getting up today and I've been careful not to lift things and to only unpack from sitting, plus resting in the recliner every so often (folding the packing material so it doesn't take up much space -- that and the boxes will go up on Craigslist). I found the CD/DVD/etc. shelves in with the CDs and the table lamp was in the corner of the dishpack. I'd put my hand down into the middle to see if it was there, but didn't expect it in the corner. I'm not too concerned about the packing material and cardboard CD mailers.

The first thing I did today was ship some bead/craft stuff to a friend doing a teenager convention and mail a letter, then I took a box full of stationery and a mirror to the thrift shop. A lot of my art is getting packed and going into the storeroom. I've had most of it up for the 15.5 years I've lived here and I'm ready for new stuff. I have three newer pieces I haven't hung because there really wasn't a lot of room (I'm not fond of the edge-to-edge, wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling hanging like the Grand Salon at the Renwick) and I'll work on those later.

I had unpacked all the CDs/DVDs/tapes, all my office stuff, and the food by the time James got here (he had an orthodontist appointment after his teaching gig), and I had him put the glass top on the vanity and the mirror above it so I could put the skirt on and unpack into it. He got about 3/4 through the books and I unpacked the last dishpack, which is where I found the lamp. So other than boxes that will eventually get unpacked in the workroom, the kitchen and office are in final shape.

He may have a date tomorrow -- his girlfriend hasn't answered yet -- and I have bookgroup on Saturday (his folks come, and he and his younger brother will read out in the library during). He has church on Sunday and I have a mammogram on Monday, so he may not be able to come again until Tuesday. This is okay, I can probably handle the rest of the unpacking myself over that time period, but I am going to need him to help me with getting the dead chairmat (one of the giant plastic ones with spikes for the carpet) out of the van and into the dumpster. That can wait until Tuesday, if necessary.

I'm going to fold the rest of the packaging material tonight, but otherwise wait until tomorrow to do more.
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