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Day 10 - Ow!

It took me two minutes to stand up this morning and I had trouble getting into the van. I went and got birdseed, before the birds revolted, and stopped and had souvlaki for lunch. I got about half of my papers unpacked before James came. We hung a lamp in my bedroom so I wouldn't have to leave the hallway light on to get to bed tonight. We hung some art, James continued on the books, and I unpacked a completely mislabeled box. It had the hanging lamp plus a lot of things that had been in my dining room and it was labeled living room. James rearranged some of the boxes in the office so the shelves that hold a lot of old glass were in the right place so I could put the breakable things I unpacked on there.

At this point, I'm sure I'm missing: CD packaging, a table lamp, newsprint packaging material, and some shelves for my CD/VCR/DVD holder thingie. I have a big stack of packing material to fold and put into a dishpack for when I put the boxes up on Craigslist and I'm going to do that folding and such in a few minutes while I watch Eureka from last night.
Tags: renovations

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