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Day 9 - Ch Ch Ch Changes!

First, the painters were back for a couple of hours. Their boss has a sharper eye than I did, plus the new drywall patch over where the plumbers worked wasn't dry enough last night to paint.

Then, after I called Monday to see if my stuff could come back today and they said no, I got a call this morning asking if it could, after all, so everything came back this afternoon. James, the 16-year-old son of friends, came to help me for a few hours. We got the workroom in sufficient order that we could move the other boxes in (it's pretty crowded in there), he's about a quarter through the books (the packer very vaguely followed my TBR vs. Read books, so he's still having to ask me questions) and helped move boxes around so I could sit down and unpack. I have all my clothes put away and before his mom came to get him, we put the bedding on the bed so I can sleep there tonight.

I just got a call from the painters' boss. He was concerned about some things I told him about Cesar this morning and wanted to talk about them again. We went over those and then I asked if Cesar worked full-time for him and he said yes. I told him that Cesar had told me "Mr. Richard, he has me work sometimes. I give you my phone number, you call if you need more painting" and as I expected, that was the nail in the coffin. Don't get me wrong, the Certapro franchise owner made sure everything was right and I think the painting looks great -- but it was difficult to work with Cesar and it turns out he'd only been working there for four months, and he's going to be let go. I hate getting people fired, but I had to keep nagging him (I think because he would say "Okay" when he didn't understand my English) and we also found out in this phone call that he had lied on his hours. I think Richard will be better off without him.

So, I am in serious pain and will try to run through online quickly today and I'll take pain meds tonight, but no more unpacking today (it's really tempting). Tomorrow, I'm going to get birdseed in the morning and James comes back in the mid-afternoon (he's teaching 2 & 3-year olds in summer camp in the morning and then has senior pictures) to continue on the books and help me with the boxes. I think I'll need at least two, maybe three, half-days from him.
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