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Day 7 - Sleep, Blessed Sleep

I slept nine hours last night and took a shower when I got up. I'm not stable enough to shower unless I've had enough sleep and I have to shower right after I get up, so I've been washing up at the sink every day this week. The hot water pressure in the shower is way too low, and that's the pipe that was worked on last month, so I called and they're sending someone tomorrow to look at it (I convinced them to come after 8am when the painters get here). Hot water is fine everywhere else, so it's got to be their work. I watched the tape of Meet the Press and went through and put in order the Sunday WashPost. I took trash and recycling out and came back and started laundry. I ordered from Peapod for delivery on Thursday. It's not as much without the Gatorade, so I'll pay $2 more in delivery fees (and $0.28 more in gas fee, temporarily, they say), but it's still better than trying to bring all that stuff in myself, and it's cheaper over all since I'm buying rehydration powder and not paying for bottled water.

The laminate guys left a partial box in my closet without telling me and like an idiot, I carried it out to the storeroom, dropping it just next to my foot. I should have held on to walls and stood on my right foot and pushed with my left, which is how I usually move boxes around. I think that will work even better on the laminate than on the carpet. There was a spot between shelves that was just the right size for the box.

When I came back from taking out trash and recycling, I saw a new renter across the street was not only grilling on his balcony, he was using an all-metal grill on one of those little square plastic tables. I went over and said Hello and Do you know that's illegal? He said he didn't (sounded like he was telling the truth) and so I told him it was and that he shouldn't do it again or someone would call the fire marshall who would come give him a ticket. So I'm sitting here working on the Peapod order and see two police officers heading down toward the stairs to his door. I got up so I could see, and yes, they went to his door. Someone else had called, and he's almost certainly going to believe I did. :::sigh:::

The new renters with the poor dog were back when I got up this afternoon. The husband? and girl went out in the convertible and the woman in the big fancy car and haven't come back yet. I don't know if they went and applied to get it back earlier or what, though.

Time to move lanudry around.
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