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News That Caught My Eye

First, the Chinese may have killed their FDA head-equivalent (like that made much of a difference), but a Chinese TV station did an undercover investigation that showed how cardboard gathered from the street was being flavored and then put into steamed buns. Ewwwwwww.

Second, the Executive branch has refused to give over their documents about the death of Pat Tillman because they don't want people to know why they decided to lie and who decided it. They'd rather we guessed?

Third, the National Labor Relations Board is backing the WashPost employees union on a dispute with the paper. The paper says that reporters who work on WashPost Radio or staff who sell advertising for the Onion (which the WashPost prints in this area) do it on a voluntary basis, but the newsroom managers say doing it will have an affect on their raises (or not). I think you do extra work, you get paid more, particularly when it's a different kind of work.

And finally, an odd one from the Saturday Free For All page. A woman says the gossip column article on Christina Aguilera's pregnancy, calling it a "bun in the oven," is demeaning to the mother. I remember when it was indelicate to mention pregnancy in public, and that's why all those euphemisms were developed. Times change, I spose.
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