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Day 6 - Banishment

Cesar and Aratelly were an hour late this morning and left two hours early this afternoon. I thought she might be pregnant and Cesar mentioned that she wasn't feeling well, and then at lunch, he mentioned she was pregnant. As soon as I finished giving the cats snackies, Spirit went to hide behind the water heater and she didn't need to for about an hour and a half. She stayed in there while the painters were here, and they moved my recliner and the cat castle down to my bedroom so we'd be out of the way while they worked out here. I wasn't looking forward to having a tarp over me! I napped while they finished the semi-gloss and doors in the hall and did the living room and dining room, but because Aratelly wasn't feeling well, they'll do the kitchen, semi-gloss in the small bedroom, and some small drywall repair in my bathroom on Monday.

My Spanish was inadequate to manage a three-person conversation at Pizza Hut, but we laughed a lot. I liked the way Cesar and Aratelly smiled at each other, they really love each other. I'd shut the cats in my room and the utility room when we left and unfortunately, the boys thought when I opened it again, the painters were gone. They dashed out, were terrified, and I had to carry them back.

I asked Cesar and Aratelly to bring my chair and the castle back out here before they left because if it was just overnight, I wouldn't mind sleeping down there, but for two nights and a day, I'd rather be out here where I can watch the news. They got a slight bit of semigloss on the recliner, but Aratelly took it off before they left.

Yesterday, after I posted my Renovation Update, one of the animal control officers knocked at my door. She wanted to know if I knew anything about our new renters (moved in after the beginning of the month) and although I didn't know much, I knew more than anybody else. I'd introduced myself to the woman and knew her first name and that she wore a security guard uniform. I knew there was a young girl and either a very old son or a very young husband (or boyfriend) and that the convertible parked in front of my condo belonged to them. It turned out they'd left their dog tied on a 3-foot leash on their ground-level balcony when they left Thursday night. They'd left a bag of food which he'd torn open, but no water, and the balcony was covered with feces. I bet I know who called them -- the guy who has the same condo at the opposite end of the building reported the last renters in that condo who did this. The officer left the dog water and a notice on their door. She came back early this morning and brought him more water and food, plus a blanket to lie on, and about an hour ago, came back with another officer and took the dog to the shelter. (One officer inside the balcony to lift the dog over to the other.) She said he was a very nice dog and seemed happy for the stuff she brought and to go with her.

Over the years, we've had three households in our 10-unit building who did this -- left a dog(s) out on the balcony (one on the second level) when they're gone -- and they were all renters. I know there are good renters and bad owners. We just seem to get a lot of bad renters.
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