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Day 4 - Blood, but no Guts

We had a minor disaster today. The cats heard the lead guy on the ramp and hid behind the recliner. I let the guys in and Shiva stuck his head under the fabric on the back of the recliner (it has velcro closures so you can get to the heat & massage stuff) and I thought that was weird, but okay, and sat down and pushed back. There was wild squeaking and I looked back to see Spirit trapped under the recliner. I sat up and she and Giorgio were both gone, but I could see movement all the way up at the top of the back of the recliner, so I tipped it over (which is difficult with no carpet for traction) and pulled the back off the velcro as far as it went, but only Giorgio was up there, and I had to pull him out, claw by claw, and stick him back in the castle with Shiva.

So then I was worried about Spirit and I realized there was a small amount of blood on the floor and a teeny paw-like trail which I followed to the knife corner of the kitchen counter. She didn't hurt herself on the knives, at least. I picked her up and held her in the recliner for quite a while and she was terrified. I could tell by the teeny blood spots on my shirt that it was her right front paw/foot, but I couldn't see anything there. I held her until she stopped bleeding and then asked the lead guy if they were going to use the hall closet today because I could put her in there and he said Yes, so I asked him to get a cage out of the storeroom and he very nicely did. Spirit didn't complain at all -- I thought that might be it -- that she would feel safer in the cage than out with the guys. And then I got the blood out of my linen shirt. She isn't showing any evidence of pain now, and the blood was easy to wipe up off the laminate.

They were here four hours and I got halfway through the WashPost (interesting article on the new Classmate laptops for overseas poor students -- no hard drive, just flash memory, and no CD player, since most software is downloaded anyway) and napped an hour. When they were gone, I let Spirit out of the cage, and she dashed behind the water heater. I put shoes on and went to get my hair cut. I asked for it shorter than usual -- my head sweats more than the rest of me -- and she did a really good job, used a clipper on the sides. Then I was craving steak and went to Ruby Tuesday's and brought a bit more than half of the steak home for tomorrow and Saturday.

I picked up mail on the way in and looked at my Medicare D (med costs) EOB (Explanation of Benefits) and they had one of my meds as being filled on 6/2 and 6/4 when it was filled on 6/4. I called Kaiser Member Services and pushed the button for Medicare D and explained. They wouldn't have refilled it that fast, anyway, and my concern is that I'm going to start paying for the entire cost of my meds next month (looks like, now) and that would have put me in $126 sooner. The clerk talked to the pharmacy and said they would back out one of those and it would show up on July's EOB.

Then I realized that the amount I'd signed for when the floors were finished was wrong. I pulled out the first invoices to be sure, and left a message with my salesguy. No call yet.
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