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Marilee J. Layman

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03:05 am: Doctor, Sheets, Lift Recliner

I hadn't realized it was this long. I've had a busy week and moved tomorrow's mammogram so I have a day at home and I can sleep longer.

Sunday -- I felt itching on two places on my right leg -- they were big, amazingly pink, and very itchy. The primary doctor said she thought they were allergies and I thought and thought and then remembered that when I took those pants off Sunday night, there was a dryer sheet inside. I must be allergic to the actual sheet. The normal type of sheets had a change; it's hard to find lavenderish & green sheets, and I bought a set seven years ago for when one of the two I've had gets too damaged. One of those two was like that, so it went to the trash and I washed the new one and put it on. The cats didn't seem to notice.

Monday I got groceries and started to hurt just under the left knee. I'm limping every time I get up for at least the first few minutes.

I saw the primary doctor on Tuesday and explained about my need for a pain med between acetaminophen and narcotics and she ordered Tramadol. When I picked it up, the pharmacist talked to me about the timing of it to one of my existing meds, and fortunately, that'll work. The doctor wants me to redo lipids in three months.

Wednesday I drove up past Dulles to a massive furniture store. They're the closest store that carries Flexsteel recliners (the best, from what I've read) and they have lift-recliners. The doctor told me that part of the reason that my arms hurt so much is pushing myself out of the recliner and I should get a lift -- I have to remember to ask her if she'll write a scrip for it. The store also offers .68 of retail, which is great. Mine will be coming in 8-12 weeks because I wanted a different color -- a textured fern color. I stopped at Carrabbas to eat and let a lot of the traffic pass and was seated so when a server couldn't swipe a credit card, I could see her putting the numbers on the screen's keypad. I had a brief word with the manager -- it's just the number, not the name and so forth, but there's ways to get those.

Today I went to the credit union because I had three things that turned up in my Quicken (which I run every day) and were odd. The guy who helped me told me that one (maintenance fee $10 out, then in) was an error in their system. I figured out on an online bill on the way home, but he couldn't figure out the third one, either, so I filled out a form to find out where it actually came from (Sebastapol, UA on the credit union info).

My right thumb keeps turning to the left (I showed the doctor and she said when it gets really bad, she'll give me an order for occupational therapy) and I'm having trouble holding things like flatware in that hand, they just rotate.

I plan to sleep without an alarm tomorrow and just rest.

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Date:February 25th, 2012 02:56 am (UTC)
You have been busy. And it sounds like your primary doc is a good one to figure things out like that.
Hope the new recliner/chair will help with the pain and that the thumb stops turning.
Take good care,
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Date:February 26th, 2012 06:52 pm (UTC)
Yes, she's young, but seems to be willing to figure things out instead of just going by what she learned in college and hospital. The thumb won't stop turning -- I'll probably have others turn, too, and then have to use strap-on tools or someone to come help (Medicare will send someone). But I hope it doesn't go quickly!
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